Digital Media Marketing


Digital Media Marketing is basically advertising for your business online. Together we’ll analyze your business, come up with a creative and focused marketing plan and budget, and implement it across the appreciate channels and platforms. Digital Media Marketing generally consists of three types of marketing approaches:

Pay-Per Click Marketing. With this type of approach, you don’t pay to have your ad shown, you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. This means is it critical to target the right customers or you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

Social Media Marketing. This differs from social medial management because we are not managing your pages, we are simply using the social media channels as a platform for paid marketing efforts. Social Media Marketing is very effective if done the right way however it’s important to note that you should have your social media pages in order before using this method, the last thing we want is a potential customer we got through social media marketing turned off due to a poor page. It is recommended that you some sort of social media management before you do social media marketing.

Email Marketing. Creating e-mail marketing campaigns is another effective approach to digital marketing. We can target existing customer or clients to let them know about upcoming sales and specials or we can create an e-mail list campaign designed to build an e-mail database potential new customers.

Although these marketing approaches can be somewhat effective on their own, client generally see the most result from Digital Media Marketing when they combine more than one approach.

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