Content Development is exactly what it sounds like, we create content for your business.

Website Design: You only have a few seconds to keep a new visitor on your website, we will help turn that visitor into a customer by giving your visitors a great user experience.  The internet never sleeps; we will drive visitor engagement by creating an integrated platform that’s working even when you aren’t. We can build you a sleek, quality, SEO efficient website, which will navigate seamlessly on all devices. Good website design allows a person viewing your site on a smart phone or tablet to have the same user experience as someone viewing it on a laptop desktop computer. We can also integrate social media and mailing list functions into your website design and implement specific website call to actions allowing you to take advantage of generated web traffic.

Landing Page Design: Landing Page design is basically designing a single effective web page with a specific purpose.  Landing pages can be used on either your website or your social media pages. Generally, businesses should have a landing page specifically and strategically designed to go with other marketing efforts. Landing page design should also be coordinated with digital media marketing to have the most effective conversions and get the best results.

Blog Design: Need to have a blog added to your webpage? …no problem, we have you covered! Blogging is one of the most effective digital media strategies, we can get a simple or more detailed Blog going for your business that’s sure to be bring you in traffic.

Graphic Design: Lions Edge Media can help market your business through the print market as well. Whether you’re interested in creating a logo, having creative and effective flyers or posters designed for distribution, or just need a new product catalog we’re here to help. Contact us to discuss your project today.


** Please Note: We are not a printing company, we only do the design work, any design made for print must be outsourced to a printing company.

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