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We keep up to date with the latest trends and algorithms to assure our clients the best digital marketing and media success.

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About Lions Edge Media

Lions Edge Media is a digital media and marketing agency. We are online brand building experts who create buzz for your business.

Small businesses, start-ups, and various other businesses hire us to expand their digital reach and increase their online presence through SEO, content writing, data driven digital marketing, digital management, social media, and digital PR. We help bring awareness to our clients and their brands and we bridge the gap between them and their customers through customer engagement and social media. We are dedicated to helping our clients grow and discover their own voice in the marketplace.

Lions Edge Media strives to give you technical direction in the digital world. We put together detailed plans to help you meet your business goals, expand your growth, increase your customer base, and drive your revenue while bringing ROI. We care about your business and will work hand in hand with you to get the best results possible.

So Why Choose Us…

The reality today is that online marketing is more competitive than ever. There are thousands of business owners out there just like you trying to find a marketing edge, and thousands of social media and marketing agencies claiming they can help.

As of now about 87% of the United States population uses the internet and by mid 2017 experts predict that there will be more internet traffic then in all past years combined. So, what does that mean for your business? It means that if you’re not doing digital marketing for your business you’re leaving revenue on the table.

Last year internet influenced sales totaled about 2.2 trillion dollars and almost 65% of all in-store sales were internet related. Those are whopping numbers. With this information, ask yourself a few questions…

  • Are your products or services easy to find?
  • Do your advertising methods inspire meaningful action from potential clients or customers, and inspire those actions at the right time in their buying cycle?
  • Is your message being received the right way?

Lions Edge Media brings proven solutions to these questions. We don’t view ourselves as simple a hired gun for you to outsource your marketing to, we are your digital marketing partner. We will develop a marketing strategy that makes your business easy to find when customers are looking.

So what sets Lions Edge Media Apart?

Some agency’s will bombard you with tons of social media channels and try to convince you that you need all of them. Why? Because the more social media channels they manage for you the more $$ they can squeeze out of you. This is very common in the industry. The reality is that not all social media is a fit for all businesses. For example, a platform like Instagram may be very effective for a photographer but if you’re an accountant, Instagram probably won’t benefit you at all, and even if you have the they type of business that can work effectively within all the social media channels, that doesn’t mean you need them all to be successful with your marketing. Lion Edge Media will recommend only the type of services that we feel is beneficial for your business and where we feel you’ll see the highest ROI. We don’t want to take you money we want to make you money.

We’re always amazed how many other agencies don’t include social media strategy as part of their plans. After all, strategy is the most important part of marketing. Not having a strategy before you start your marketing is like an NFL team taking the field in the Superbowl with no game plan!
This is just another way many marketing companies try to suck money out of their clients. Many companies charge over $5000.00 a month on top of their service fees or advertising packages to provide a strategy for their clients. We understand that most small and even medium sized businesses can’t afford prices like that. It’s nearly impossible to get a return on your marketing investments without strategy. Strategy is the reason you outsource your marketing in the first place to companies like Lion Edge Media instead of doing it yourself. Without knowing how to be strategic in social media and marketing you’re just wasting time and money and will never see a ROI. No matter what type of service or package you hire us for, Lions Edge Media always includes a strategy with it.

If you’re not familiar with what a social media and marketing business audit is, it’s basically assessing your business from a digital and a marketing point of view. The industry standard for a business Audit from a social media or marketing company is between $2000-$4000. Many of our competitors will charge this as a one-time fee when you hire them. At Lions Edge Media believe that if you hire us a basic business audit should be included as part of the package. You may be wondering why we would be willing to provide a $4000 service like a business Audit for free, there are a few reasons.
1. Doing an Audit of your business helps us understand your business and your customers better. By being able to understand your business better from we are better able to recommend marketing approaches we believe will be successful and this aids us in developing a strategy for you.
2. Many businesses do things or have done things in the past that inadvertently cause negative effects from a digital standpoint, an audit allows us to find out if this is occurring in your business.
3. In our experience, we find many business owners are unaware of who their customers are, in most cases owners will learn things about their business that they didn’t know before. When you hire Lions Edge Media you’re hiring a partner, we don’t want to tell you why we think certain strategies will be successful, we want to show you why.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about social media and marketing companies who promise to get you 100 Facebook likes a day, 300 Twitter followers a week, or 500 website visitors a month. That may sound good but who cares if 500 people visit your business site or “like” your Facebook page if none of them contact you or do business with you. You’re not considering social media or digital marketing to win a popularity contest, you’re here to grow your business and to make money. Lions Edge Media understands it’s not about getting traffic for your business…it’s about getting the right kind of traffic. We’d rather have 50 visitors to your site that are seriously looking to do business because they’re interested in your product or service than have 500 visitors who are just surfing the web in their downtime. Lions Edge Media provides a targeted approach to get the right kind of customer or clients flowing your way.

If you’re a novice to the world of digital marketing and media you may be unfamiliar with the debate over the better marketing tactic between content marketing and SEO. To give you a quick overview, content marketing is marketing the content on your sites pages, and SEO is optimizing your search engine results. Many marketing companies will argue that these are two different services and charge you a double fee to provide both for you. To have effective marketing you need to preform both, neither content marketing or SEO will provide you the best results on their own. Lions Edge Media considers this one service and always provides both in our strategies.

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