Here are 5 free marketing tips for small business. As a small business owner, you should definitely be doing some of these things because they’re so simple to do.

Be outgoing!

As a business owner it’s very important to be outgoing about your business. Due to the amount of time people spend online, you should get on social media and talk about your business. Chime in on conversations with topics that your business can relate to. Don’t be afraid to bring up your business in social situations. Bring up what you do at a party or at your next PTA meeting/ Since doing this only costs you a little bit of your time and can lead to a big reward. you really have nothing to lose.

Have a referral program.

Roughly about 85% of small businesses get customers through referrals. Giving incentive to your existing customers can really pay off. Referral programs work wonders. I personally like giving little gifts or rewards to customers who recommend businesses to others. If you have repeating customers, they must like your business so give them a reason to talk about it. Also, reward cards are a great way to keep customers coming back. A nice sized discount, a free session, or a small free gift every 10th visit is a good place to start. Furthermore, the great thing about these things is that they are very effective and low cost investments.

Have a contest.

Having little online contests are a great way to market your business. A pizza place can give away a free pizza while a nail salon can give away a free pedicure. Make the contests fun and interactive. People tend to do things in groups, so you’ll probably end up making money. If a pizza shop gave away a free pizza, chances are the winner will bring some friends. There’s a good chance those friends will spend money on drinks and appetizers. A woman who wins a free pedicure from a nail salon will probably bring her daughter or a girlfriend along to get one along with her. Contests are very small yet smart investment, and can be a lot of fun. It’s probably a good idea to have a small social media following though for this to work.

Try hosting classes or events.

In my experience events and classes usually get people in your door who wouldn’t normally be customers. You can host an art night or wine tasting event. Even a class that teaches the skills that you use in your business. Going back to the pizza place example above, the business owner there could host a pizza making class. In addition to being fun, events and classes are great things to do on your off-peak days or nights, and a great way to boost sales on those days you’re normally slow.

Be visible and noticeable in the community.

If people can’t see you, or aren’t aware of you, they can’t spend money at your business. Spend a little extra on great business cards. Have quality signs in addition to having an appealing social media page. You can even put a magnet on the side of your car, sponsor local little league teams, get involved with local charities, or have someone stand on the road on certain days in a costume. All of these things help to bring awareness of your business to the community.

I know these are simple ideas, but sometimes in business it’s the simple things that we forget to do. These 5 free marketing ideas for small business aren’t game changers by any means, but you’ll be surprised how much the little thing can add up to.