This time of year, we usually get asked a lot about what type of digital marketing trends we expect to see in the upcoming year. Although we expect to see many of the trends from 2016 continue, two trends seem to stick out for 2017. Most marketing experts agree that we will see a continued upward trend for both mobile devices and for video marketing in the upcoming year. We predict that these will be the 2 top trends in digital marketing for 2017.

Mobile as a digital marketing trend for 2017

There’s a reason we chose Mobile as one of the 2 top trends in digital marketing for 2017. Expect mobile to dominate in the upcoming year. The past year mobile use has really picked up steam. Pokemon Go took the world by storm. It illustrated the power of mobile as a digital marketing trend.  In addition, about 80% of internet users now own a smartphone (and 4 out of 5 Americans). In 2017, it’s no surprise mobile traffic will surpass desktop traffic.  More people currently use their smartphone to check their email then their computer. Within the next year about 1 in 4 mobile users will be wearing some type of mobile device like a smartwatch. Furthermore, as seen from the chart below, Statista predicts that by 2020 mobile subscriptions will outnumber the world’s population.


What does the mobile trend mean for business owners?

If you own a business it’s critical that your site be mobile friendly. Google has been phasing out all non-mobile friendly sites. Your site needs to look as good on mobile as on a desktop.  It’s even more critical if you sell products online, since tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates. If you own or run a business you need to account for this shift to mobile in your marketing methods. Marketing content must fit a mobile platform. You should conduct specific mobile-geared marketing campaigns aimed for people on the move to be successful. Mobile apps are another thing to consider for your business. Pokemon Go was generating around 10 million a day at its revenue peak, that should be a clear indication of how powerful mobile marketing can be. Another great advantage mobile marketing is the ability to cross-market platforms easily. People tend to have multiple apps on their phone, one second they’re on Facebook or Twitter, the next they’re on Amazon or Instagram. By understanding how potential customers use their mobile devices you can generate huge revenue if you target you mobile marketing effectively.


Video as a top trend for digital marketing in 2017

As with mobile, we expect video marketing to skyrocket in 2017. Although companies and brands have always used video to market services and products, we anticipate a high increase in online video marketing. Most of us are familiar with Youtube marketing, but Shapchat and Facebook Live are becoming more and more popular. Smart marketers will take advantage at the rise in popularity of these services. Snapchat has scored above Facebook in video views and more and more videos have gone viral. This shows that consumers generally prefer video to other marketing.

Live streaming is very likely to take a huge leap in 2017 as well. It has been trending upward over the last few years or so since Periscope took off. Many apps have incorporated live video into their features, and more marketers are putting budgets towards it. Brands can live-stream shows or events, do tours of their business, as well as do sneak peaks on products and behind the scenes footage. All of this make for a unique and budget friendly marketing approach since there’s no video editing required.

Another reason we feel that mobile and video will be the 2 top trends in digital marketing for 2017 is because they are also directly linked. Countless people watch video on their phone while commuting work. Sharing funny videos with friends or co-workers has become the new water-cooler talk. Part of what help marketers and data junkies predict the top trends in digital marketing for the upcoming year is by evaluating the information in previous years. The 2015 chart below from Data N Charts illustrates the upward trend and link in mobile use and video over the past few years.

We expect these trends to continue and 2017 will be the year these two digital marketing trends really take off.

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